Sean Devine

October 21 – November 12, 2022

directed by Terry Kozlowski

produced by Renata Allelujka

Go behind the scenes of a 1964 New York advertising agency when the most controversial television commercial for a presidential political campaign was created and how we elect our leaders was forever changed. The Daisy commercial ran only once but dealt a devastating blow to Barry Goldwater’s campaign against Lyndon Johnson. Based on true events, this play shows the conflicting motivations of the eccentric characters on the team with the background of the cultural changes in the sixties.

On September 7 in 1964, NBC aired the "Daisy Girl" ad for Lyndon Johnson's presidential election campaign.
The advertisement, featuring a little girl plucking a daisy followed by images of nuclear destruction, became known as "The Daisy Girl Ad," and is often cited as one of the most important campaign commercials ever created.
Check out a link with a discussion of the ad with an author of a book on the subject, the actress who played the "Daisy Girl," and the commercial's art director.


Linda Cunningham

as Louise Brown

Mike Janke

as Tony Schwartz

Rahman Williams

as Clifford Lewis

Tom Viskocil

as Bill Bernbach

Chris Carpenter

as Sid Myers

Derek L. Cook

as Aaron Ehrlich

production staff