Arsenic and Old Lace​


Joseph Kesselring

April 29 - May 21, 2022

directed by Jim Stahulak

produced by Maggie Fredricks

A clever combination of the farcical and the macabre, centered on two elderly sisters who are famous for their numerous acts of charity. Unfortunately, however, their charity includes poisoning lonely wayfarers. The two women are assisted in their crimes by their nephew who believes he is Teddy Roosevelt. Matters get complicated when a second nephew -- a theater critic -- discovers the murders and a third nephew appears, having just escaped from a mental institution.


Judith Laughlin

as Abby Brewster

Richard Heath

as Rev. Dr. Harper

William Smith

as Teddy Brewster

Robert Guziec

as Officer Brophy

Devon Ortiz

as Officer Klein

Synoma Hays

as Martha Brewster

Grace Pieczynski

as Elaine Harper

Alejandro Herrera

as Mortimer Brewster

Scott Kelley

as Mr. Gibbs

Jason Griffin

as Jonathan Brewster

Patrick Deering

as Dr. Einstein

Scott Kelley

as Officer O’Hara

Steven Higgins

as Lieutenant Rooney

Dave Callahan

as Mr. Witherspoon (5/6-5/8 & 5/13-5/15)

Gerry Gallagher

as Mr. Witherspoon (4/29-5/1 & 5/20-5/21)

production staff