Collected Stories​


Donald Margulies

October 20 – November 11, 2023

directed by Kevin Taylor

produced by Karen Bronson

Graduate student Lisa Morrison is thrilled to be under the mentorship of her literary idol, Ruth Steiner. Over the years, Lisa becomes Ruth’s personal assistant and gradually her friend. But as Lisa’s career begins to flourish and Ruth’s begins to fade, can their friendship survive ambition, rivalry, and eventual betrayal? Collected Stories by Donald Margulies explores the complicated relationship between two independent women as they struggle to define what, if anything, is off-limits in art.


Susan Carr

as Ruth Steiner

Kara Ludke

as Lisa Morrison

production staff

Stage Manager

Lisa Dolnics & Jody Vogel

Set Design

Doug Orlyk

Set Construction

Dave Dolnics, Richard Gannon, Andy Joseph, Steve Petersen, Kevin Taylor

Set Decoration

Debi Gits-Joseph, Susan Carr, Rich Gannon

Sound Design

Kevin Taylor

Lighting Design

Jim Van De Velde

Technical Crew

Kevin Taylor, Karin Kramer, Julie Rodgers-Baker


Karen Bronson, Lisa Crank, Lisa Dolnics, Sue Knisely, Karen Kramer Patty Peterson, Annie Slivinski, Jack Smith, Jody Vogel


Karen Bronson, Annie Slivinski, Jody Vogel

Business Manager


Carl Zeitler


David Dowell

Social Media

Carl Zeitler

Playbill Copy

Bill Burghardt


Karen Bronson

Box Office/Tickets

Maggie Fredricks


Guy Sullivan, Arlene Bibbs, Derek Cook, Dave Dolnics, Hilly Doyle, Maureen Komperda, Mary Kuhn, Joe Morrissey, Linda Rodemaker, David Rodriguez, Tina Shelly, Arnold Shifrin, Jack Smith, Jen Torchia, John Vinopal, Lynn Walsh

Graphic Design

Matt Hellyer

Playbill Design

AlphaGraphics Lisle