The Second-to-Last Exit​


Carl Zeitler

August 16 – August 25, 2024

directed by Carl Zeitler

produced by Renata Allelujka and Carl Zeitler

The Second-to-Last Exit consists of six short plays that deal with a variety of people who have just passed away and are led to a waiting room by secretive hosts. As they reflect on their lives and ponder what may come next, they interact with others they meet in a mixture of dramatic and comedic dialogue.

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This production is appropriate for PG-13 audiences due to content and language.


Danny Glenn

as Host #1

Guy Sullivan

as Host #2

Jamie Lee

as Host #3

Stephen Pickering

as Charles

Kim Green

as Christine

Julia Thompson

as Alex

Tammy White

as Irene

Kelly Belmont

as Laura

Carl Zeitler

as James

Jen Connon

as Rachel

Beth Goncher

as Diana

Debbie Roberts

as Helen 1

Kate Roberts

as Helen 2

production staff

Stage Manager

Maureen Corcoran

Set Design

Todd Ridgeway

Tech Director

Paul Lauricella

Set Decoration

Sound Design

Paul Lauricella

Lighting Design

Dan Ruzicka

Technical Crew


Carl Zeitler


The Cast

Business Manager

Renata Allelujka


Carl Zeitler


David Dowell

Social Media

Carl Zeitler

Playbill Copy

Carl Zeitler


Box Office/Tickets

Maggie Fredricks


Renata Allelujka

Graphic Design

Matt Hellyer

Playbill Design

Carl Zeitler

Fight Choreographer

Angela Bend