Start 2024 with a Live Theatre Performance


See A Doll’s House, Part 2 at Village Theatre Guild

Dolls House Part 2
Torvald (Guy Sullivan) and Nora (Claire Yearman in pensive hesitation to talk.

With the 2023 holiday season almost in the past, start 2024 with a live theatre performance of A Doll’s House, Part 2 at Village Theatre Guild!

Earlier this month we shared some production rehearsal photos that gave you a sneak peek at what’s in store at VTG with the start of 2024. We told you that our winter production, opening January 12 for a 4-weekend run, begins with Nora returning to the Helmer household after a 15-year absence and provided some comments from the cast and production staff on what they thought about the play.

Some additional comments on the play are included here.

Claire Yearman as Nora shared these words on Nora’s thoughts: “She (Nora) wants the ability to be a complete human being, make decisions for herself, and be able to find an equal partnership and truly connect with that person…..Times, opinions, and laws have changed. Women have a lot more options and the ability to make their own choices today. However, I think she raises some thoughtful questions about why should you marry?…Is a marriage necessary at all in order to have a deep connection with someone? So it challenges all of us to look at love and marriage and decide what it means to us. Is a marriage necessary or not?…What is a true marriage?”

All the characters in A Doll’s House, Part 2 have varying opinions about marriage and those expressions may elicit agreement or disagreement from each audience member. Lively discussion generated by thoughtful expression is always an interesting exercise for all.

Daughter Emmy Helmer, played by Kate Schiliro, takes a different approach to what she believes she is seeking in marriage. Schiliro states that, “She (Emmy) has a sort of whimsical, idealistic, almost hopeless romantic view on what a marriage ‘should’ look like.” Furthermore, Schiliro relates, “I studied this story when working toward my BFA in college, and it has been a blast to have the opportunity to revisit some of the work I did from way back when!”

Rounding out the cast comments are those of Guy Sullivan, playing Torvald. He shared, “Personally, I agree more with Nora’s sentiment on marriage rather than Torvald’s and I think if this play was taking place in 2023, Torvald’s sentiment would be more in line with Nora’s.”

Dolls House Part 2
Daughter Emmy Helmer (Kate Schiliro) plots her moves.

All these views come together on the Glen Ellyn Village Theatre Guild stage January 12 – February 3 with curtain times Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 pm, Sunday matinees at 2 pm, plus a Saturday matinee January 27.

A special talk-back session is planned to follow the Sunday, January 28 matinee to provide opportunity for audience members to share their opinions about the play with the cast and director.

Tickets are $22 (plus $3 service fee) and can be ordered online at Hope to see you soon at VTG.

Dolls House Part 2
Anne Marie (Judith Laughlin) weighs options.

Rehearsal photography provided courtesy of David Dowell.